When she saw the ship – she was surprised. Beautiful. And a wonderful name was written on the white hull of the ship: La Grande Nave Veloce.

She thought immediately: a Philosophy.

The trip began. For fifteen days they’d be together in many kinds of trip.

The part outside it was well planned for him – all and each detail.

The part inside they’d build together – all and each detail.

Looking at the sea – with all that dark blue – she almost cried. It was unbelievable that situations like that could really happen. All began with a concert – and they were there – inside of La Grande Nave Veloce with the sea by witness. Another kind of concert – the sweet sound of the little waves when the ship cuts it – seemed like a chanson.

The sea was calm. Soft. The sky was so blue. They will be there for about twenty-one hours – so fast she thought. After these hours – they’d travel around the Island on his car. It was his idea – I know you love travel in the opened car. Come on – we will put it into the ship and make our trip with our opened car.

She smiled happy.

And that was done.

When they landed on the Island – the sun was perfect. The roads around the blue dark sea were like a film. The green of the grape farms finished when the sea began. Or vice versa. The smell was delicious.

The sun and the wind on her body made her feel a so special energy. He smiled because she repeated several times the same: she repeated the name of the sea. It was funny. But she needed this. It was like say and listen her own voice put her inside the reality and also a way to believe that she was there.

After the first day – she was tan. Immediately. Another skin seemed born – like her soul. Happiness it was the name of the change. Happiness.

Many amazed situations happened.

She never would forget the day that they were lost into a maze of little roads. She was surprised – and loved be lost. Many farms. It was a wonderful road and nobody – just his car and at that moment with Bach by witness.

The silence outside was a partner.

She took off the shirt and with the arms up for the sky she said – thank you Universe. And they laughed a lot – a delicious and particular moment.

After two or three hours they found the right way. She thought: again another Philosophy.

On the right road he pointed to the left side and said to her – look at that mountain – it is the volcano.

If she could list the specials feelings of that trip – she’d put the magician of the volcano as a most surprised point.

She said so much touched – I want to go there. So this volcano exists. It was not only a story from a book. It was not only a part of school lessons.

He was partner.

They went to the top of the volcano a part by car and a part by cable car.

After some minutes – finally – her feet where on the black ash of the top of the volcano. The cold wind antagonized the past hot of the black ash. The sound was different – silence but not mute. The nature exploded with beautiful yellow flowers between the black rocks and the lava. The craters made almost a nature trademark. There was a magician mix of so much colors and so much energy. She never felt a sensation like that. It was some between sleep and wake – so much intensity inside and around her. On the top of the volcano she could see the city and the blue dark sea at the end of the view.

Thank you Universe.

And the retina and the skin were together to make all her body and soul – enormously sensitive.

She held his hand. He smiled.


She was different when she went down from the top of the volcano. Feel all that energy that comes inside the Earth is so much strong.

She sat inside the cable car – to begin the descent back – in front of him.

Behind him it was the second beautiful landscape – the city and the sea.

Behind her it was the volcano.

She held his hand.

Looking and feeling the volcano she understood the Life and the Planet. She understood the fine line between the strong and the weak. She understood the lost and the gains. She understood the courage and the pusillanimity. She understood about the fire and the void. She understood all about all – looking at the yellow flowers growing among rocks and craters.

And maybe for the first time in her life she was proud of herself.

He held her hand – as if he was read her mind – and with a so low voice he said yes. And kissed and hugged her.


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