They went by car. The road was calm and no much traffic. The music into the car was delicious. The climate outside was very cold. There was snow all around the road and over the grass.

He drove so safe and calm – listening the music and sometimes their voices with some new story created a new musicality. Some stops for a coffee or something else and they came back to the road – until the city he chose for their weekend.

Be here into the car. I think I passed away from the entrance of our inn. I will go back walking and if is the right way I will come and we will go. Just wait a minute. 

Yes. It is there and so close to here. Come on walking and later I will park the car. No problem for now.

The city was beautiful. Beautiful. It was a little medieval city with much history, so beautiful places, restaurants, so lightness. Delicious. The river around the city gave a warmth sensation. The smell of the city was unforgettable.

She could not close her mouth or her eyes.

He put her in front of him and said: it is here.

The inn.

The inn it was a Castle/Museum.

It was one of his surprises like the book and like the messages. He was always quiet before a surprise. She knew him and his silence before the surprise that he was planned. She was sure that it will be a special trip – but she could never imagine something wonderful like that – never.

They came into the Castle. An elegant and nice woman with a calm smile came to host them.

He held her hand and she followed him. She looked around – since the floor until the ceiling – all was so impressive. Beautiful. So many and beautiful classic paintings were on the walls. As if they had entered into a time tunnel – a fantastic and full of luxury time tunnel.

He did the protocol to the check-in and the woman invited them to follow her to their bedroom. She would show the space and would tell a little bit history of the place. In the next morning they would visit the Castle with a guide. All was programmed.

Come on. Come on, baby. You will see all tomorrow morning. Now we have to go to our bedroom and I have plans to our night.

She went behind him with fast steps. He pulled her with the hand and smiled.

The room was unbelievable. Huge. Many statues. Many curtains. White curtains. On the bed red flowers gave a hot tone. She hugged him.

She could never – never – expect for this kind of surprise.

She was touched. He was touched. So much energy between them – it was difficult to separate the level of such emotion. She tried. But she was not sure if she really demonstrated all he did for her.

She was in doubt if he understood all her surprise. She was touched also for the Castle, of course for the indescribable bedroom with the statues – but much more for his care with her.

He looked for some special to surprise her. He was so discreet. But she was sure that the choice was to make her feel so happy.

And he did. She was so happy.

After this she began to learn about care. Care is almost a philosophy and a style of behavior. Care born from inside to outside, never the opposite. Nobody can pretend care – it is impossible if is not deep inside.

Care is the best line to tie two persons. The rest can be silence – as the England author said. But only few persons have the chance to feel or understand this in fact – inside and outside. She felt she was a privileged.

She was acting like a child. Taking pictures. Walking back and forth into the bedroom – lying down on the bed and standing up many times.

It was funny to watch her. And he smiled a lot sat on the chair while she walked and thanked him.

Now come on to our dinner. We have reservations.

They went walking on the stone streets like it was in the beginning of the city – many centuries ago. They crossed an old short bridge. The lights of the houses reflected on the water of the river seemed a new city submersed. Just few people were walking on the streets. There was much more silence than noise.

The restaurant was a new surprise. Fantastic. A house. They sat beside a big window.

At this time – she smiled and of course photographed.

The name it was Osteria da Bice – La Gallina Felice. She smiled and explained to him. Both smiled – the life turned as a party at that moment. And she said the habitual phrase when she was really happy: thank you Universe I didn’t die last year. And he smiled.

The food was perfect. The wine was delicious.

She touched his hand. He held her hand. They kissed and hugged – so much warm on their skin – so much Existence on their touch.

Sometimes the World is perfect – translation and rotation in the exact time and soft movements.

That was one of these “sometimes”.

Walking back to the Castle he said to her – more surprises are waiting for you tomorrow morning.

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