The images came so fast after she became to remember. As a brainstorm.

She decided to close her eyes. Every time she wanted to repeat a good sensation – she closed her eyes. It was not different now.

A doubt: she was not sure who became to talk and tell from where they came. It was obvious they were foreigners.

Maybe her became to talk. Travelling alone for many years – she knew exactly with whom or when she could talk or be safe in silence.

The solitude is also a perfect teacher.

He was sophisticated with elegance.

Some seconds after she new he was from the country with not only dramatic blood – as few time after she made jokes with him. He came from a country with perfect music, a wonderful food, very beautiful architecture, excellent wine of superior quality. Perfect – she thought with closed mouth and opened emotion. She liked this.

Touching again on the grass and with the arms close to the body she smiled – how could she do that. She photographed his hands.

For a second she interrupted the memories – open the eyes and lifted the neck again – but he didn’t return in fact. There was no hand and no shadows among the trees. Just fog.

Yes. She photographed his hands. She didn’t know why but she felt that he had a soft touch. Maybe because of the manner that he hold the folder with the program of the concert – a cello with a piano.

He could play the cello – never the piano.

How much we know when we know nothing. At this moment she decided to sit on the grass instead to be lay.

He was a man with strong decisions – she thought when he invited her to dinner with him.

Yes. She lay again. It was necessary to go on the images and the feeling.

When a person is lay – is available.

Now she closed the eyes and she presume to go outside with him, waiting a taxi in a bistro, drinking a glass of wine, speaking of something that she can’t remember. The taxi comes. She hopes that he takes her hand, he would but was not so brave, he was too polite, it was not even the time. At the table, asks and answers, trying to understand who is he, who is she, the social ballet, the simple minuetto to continue with a common music after a wonderful one.  Now she open her eyes and he is still there, smiling. Oh, what a pity, she has a program for the whole day, he comes to her hotel, bye-bye, is all finished? One nice meeting and nothing more?

In the morning she goes to a castle, nice trip but she thinks at this uncommon man. Evening, hotel, a card with a telephone number, he invites her to another dinner, wow. Another meeting. She is in front of the hotel many minutes before the fixed hour. He comes few minutes later, before the time.

And she thought maybe he was afraid or just a wise man  – he knew how to awake the desire. First miss – after desire. But it was only conjecture. He said nothing about desires – only about missing.

The grass seemed make some movement.

Suddenly she felt a warm breathing very close to her face. Almost jumping up on a tree she opened her eyes and saw a dog. A dog. Sit on her scarf.  Close to her face.

Sometime before she’d scream – but in this morning all her emotions had changed. The screams were reserved for the memories.

She didn’t touch the dog – only smiled for him.

Dogs understand nothing about smiles but so much about changed emotions. And so fast he ran away to another scarf.

Finally calm she closed the eyes and lay down again on the scarf.

The memory returned to the concert. She blushed – but not because of this dog.

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