She was sleeping. It was the middle of the night.

The evening had been so great – almost like the lyrics of that music: wine, women and music. Three friends and her. She enjoyed so much and when came back home it was very cold. She said farewell to the friends and decided to go back home walking alone on the street. A soft rain made her feel so nice – since she was a child she loved feel the rain on the face.

At home she became to organize the next day as always. Finally warmed and under the blankets she opted to watch a thriller film – a story about a man who killed women that lived alone.

Maybe not a smart choice because she lived alone and it was night  but she said to herself – you are an adult and it is just a film.

At the end of the thriller film she felt a little bit scared – but said again that it was just a film, drunk a cup of hot tea and said good night for the World.

She woke up suddenly. The sound was terrible.

When she quite opened the eyes because the terrible sound – she first looked for a garden – but she realized that she was dreaming. In the dream she was at a garden in another country. Around the garden there was so much clear water. She was with a partner and they were talking and some pigeons were flying near them. This was the dream – and like almost the dreams – much nicer than the reality.

Maybe just a fragment of the time – but it was the first thing she looked for: the garden and the partner. There were nothing and nobody. No clear water. No pigeon flying – again as another music. She was in fact on the bed and some terrible sound awaked her.

She stayed – paralyzed – of course remembering immediately the film. The clock on the table by the bed showed the hour: 3:30AM. She was sleeping since midnight.

She was colder than the climate – even under the blankets. The eyes were quite open. The heart was like after a marathon: systole and diastole run over. The apartment was all in dark. She was of course alone. She breathed slowly trying to recuperate the rhythm of the heart. She began also to move slowly the legs – and decided to stand up.

Finally understanding about dreams and reality – she jumped off the bed.

Around her – everything right.

She went to the living room. But it was not so easy inside her – it was very difficult create or find the courage to go to the living room. For an observer – if for God sake had one observer into home at that moment – she seemed so fast and so brave. But she and herself knew the cruel truth. This is the route for secrets. Of course all these thinking helped her to be stand and don’t faint.

The living room had a colored carpet hand made. Beautiful. Tables with flowers and little plants and a futon made the ambience indoors very elegant. One of the walls was recovered by a white bookshelf. On the shelves photos and books and some bibelots.

Her elder son gave to her a little Globe with battery inside – a sweet gift to celebrate the Women’s Day. He admired her independence and faith on the free life. Day and night the small Globe turned around itself upon the shelf. It was much more a philosophy than a common gift. She loved it. And it was the first object she saw when she entered or got out from the apartment every day. Nice.

It was not different at this time. It was the first object she saw – but at this time in a different position.

The Globe was on the floor – on the colored carpet handmade. Opened and so paralyzed as her. The battery was free – at the opposite side.

This was the cause of the terrible sound – the fall of the World. Much more philosophy than just a fall of an object – mumbled her to herself while got the poor Globe and battery.

And of course – she felt much more safe than the women from the thriller film.

She put the Globe again on the shield and going back to the bed – she remembered a phrase. She said good night World before sleep. She dreamed she was in a garden in a distant country with a partner and water around them.

It’s better go back to my bed and my warm blankets – she thought. At this time she would rather say good night to Freud. Or to the partner that was with her in the dream – it was a better sensation.

She went on sleeping with shaking legs and knees of course – but with a happy face.

Good night World – and please don’t fall down.

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