It was a surprise.

It was Monday – the first day of the week and she knew – a hard week was expecting for her. So much work was really waiting for her. Every Monday she felt a fright – the week began always hard. Most of the Monday mornings she had big fights with the alarm clock but at the end she knew that it was necessary and it was nothing to do – and went on to her job calm and right.

This Monday despite the cold climate she woke earlier than usual – before rings the alarm clock. She didn’t know why – but she woke very happy.

She felt the skin so sensitive.

It seemed like she was waking up on Sunday. All her friends smiled so much when she said that all Sunday she woke up earlier only to be more time doing nothing. It was a wonderful pleasure to have more time free – and without appointments.

At this special Monday she jumped off the bed so fast and began to put things in order at home. In the middle of the home organization – she began to sing a song while put water on the little plants. She choose her clothes – went to the shower and song much more. And of course smiled to herself. A little thinking passed in her mind – maybe she was becoming crazy. But said – no. I am just happy and I don’t know exactly why. It ‘s normal.

Still singing – she began to prepare her breakfast with so much enthusiasm.

She knew that something different could be happened because she only felt hunger when she was happy. And she was really hungry. She ate bread and eggs and coffee – more coffee and bread and biscuits and cheese and a piece of cake.

She smiled alone in front of all these dishes – empties.

The day before she went to a movie and after she met some friends to dinner. She loved go there – near home and easy to go and to come back. It was a beautiful restaurant and a delicious food. They drunk wine and smiled for everything and for nothing. It was a really funny evening – for sure – but not so different that could make her awake with so much perfect mood.

She tried to remember if – maybe – some wonderful dream caused all this joy. Nothing. Nothing happened between last night and this early morning. She just slept.

She remembered also that she came back home and read a book before sleep.

With all done at home and all done on her visage – she smiled for the mirror and said: my loyal friend be sure that the important is feel happy – the leitmotiv will appear some day or some moment. For now – let’s go.

When she began to work she heard a little noise. It was a message. It was written – Good Morning. He sent the message. She smiled.

This was both: the surprise and the answer for the loyal friend from the morning – the mirror.

She understood the happiness, the song, the hunger.

She remembered the first sensation at this Monday morning – she felt the skin so sensitive.

She couldn’t believe and also couldn’t understand how the skin knew before her.

She smiled to the message and touched her arms so soft. And made a joke – today I will buy a new cream for my skin and some special music for tomorrow morning – maybe Granada.


    • Folco de Polzer
    • August 12th, 2014

    Which nice tale. I am proud to have a friend which can write with a smooth language and around me! It is too much.

    I miss you

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