And the warning is followed agree.

A new space was created – but not measured in square meters. A space created internally. There was much anticipation and emotional swings overlapped so much that I always ended up edging border in these cases: the exaggeration. There was no day or time that I did not tell myself that I did silly. There is no lineage in the wood. Then everything was erased and appeared certain that I had done the right thing. Objects and thoughts were so attached that looked like a building than a rebuild.

But in the world of materials and finishes negotiations – nothing is rethought. Act done – completed act. What is a side obstacles may appear – otherwise facilitates the dissolution of insecurity. Clap hands to materiality – repeated in moments where I doubt I settled strong.

And there one day with 24 hours notice came my grandmother’s house –  home inside.

There can be no lineage on wood – but there is plenty of wood in the lineage.

The table my grandfather brought me back from who knows where in the memory. I managed to revise and child sitting next to him in that same table as he organized the numbers of certain customer accounts. Spent his life between numbers and sums. Certainly he understood the Universe reading as a sign that united or separated. But I would not know – never asked him.

The roundtable of my grandmother’s room became true when I found myself repeating a gesture that looked without seeing her throughout all my childhood. Every little pieces of bread falling on the table – she united with one hand and trimmed with another hand that was waiting on the border of the table. I did it. I did it. Neither knew what I was doing until the hands showed me the way that I supposed forgotten.

The chairs wicker seat took me to an old man who would from time to time at grandma’s house with a brush and a box of wax. And there he repeated the coming and going as if nothing mattered to him – nor will much less the next. It lasted hours. His way of look was much emptier than the holes of braided straw. And at the end of the day he received the payment and leave. The same silence that the back-and-forth composing the task.

Was both think and remember that at the end of the first day of furniture grandmother – they were already aged in the new house. As if they had never dwelt among other walls not these white and full color pictures.

I remembered the furniture that I retained for many years. Remembered the pragmatic farewell.

Toasted structure.

No free associations and without detailed questioning – without dreams or interpretations – I found myself once again surrounded feet and tops. Logical that some bruises appeared on the legs – but this time could be avoided if a little more attention to be increased when walking through space. Much more than an apprenticeship – this was almost new philosophical conceptualization. Not walking in own home is free of limits. And never even know who accidentally stumbles or who intentionally bumps.

I wanted to think a bit about what brands I was able to provoke in me – but running my hands through the dark wood and has so lived centuries – thought makes  the hematomas on my legs did not even no importance.

Packed lace and flowers. Vases and ornaments. Joked the house.

One day when I was changing once more flowers and lace doilies – back from routine work – made ​​a new freebie!

Cheers for Structure and Repetition. I do not know why or for what I spent so much time trying to get rid of both. How Life would be dull if followed correctly. And this day over the table put a beautiful picture frame a new photo. There I was sitting in front of the furniture gone. I do not remember when it was taken – but similar to the marks on legs – also had no importance dating remembrance.

One of my daughters-in-law told me something once about chasing its tail. As wrong to do throughout life.
What she does not know is that the distance to the tail itself is huge – and can last an entire life to be achieved. And – as opposed to being a mistake – be achieved or not is purely a trivial matter. Each one fits the search and the race to be held at the end. Life is worth doing is within each and every structure.

I organized the house. I looked at the furniture. I looked at the photo. Smiling – close the door and goes out to my routine. When I realized into the car I was humming an old song. “… Always cherished the ideal that the reborn into other hearts …”
Stop at red lights laughed at myself and my memories and memory.

The green light made ​​me pursue hasty. I was late.

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