For many years I took with me the furniture of my early life as owner of a house. Many homes have changed. Many styles were added. Many times I was only half owner. Neither owns nor other half.

But the furniture always there – waiting for who knows what. Rose in stylish carriers. Trucks without refinements. Again stylish carriers. Again trucks without refinements.

In poetic feeling – time or another spread in large spaces. After huddled in small spaces. And there came causing bruises on knees and legs. What a vengeance explicit materials purples and daily woes.

In one of these – one more change – behold all gone. Everyone. Nothing remained – plus photos where they fell into the background.

Easy was not fired. But if you were once for not even know where and this last time in laps or so much less elegant and exquisite. Were taken by those who wanted them. Only this.

The reason was pragmatic reason as any that generates farewell. What did not fit in even smaller space where they would have unnecessary scaffolding function – there was no space to cause bruising and consequently would have to be stepped on – was donated. Thus avoid a bizarre revenge that would hurt more than those who stepped in object trampled.

And if all were. Turned memory – and how little memory were requested by the memory. No not attach reminder that nostalgia – and the memory serves as an advocate. Better respect.

Here’s how a certain day – so all gone. Mobile. The delay in completing their disappearance must have been equivalent to the realization that really changed everything.

There any one day – on any night – I realized that the place of past and present. And smiles sadly. As one of those feelings that what does not change – it does not exist.

But no cycle is not repeated. Nothing is completely exhausted. The daily life of an entire life not up to nameplate sold out. There deposit appointed a simple and acceptable way that correctly translates as structure. Nothing more faithful and loyal. No one escapes the structure. Much less the structure leaves the wearer. What a sign of the Zodiac – does not return. Do not cancel. One can make analytic review. Can you drink herbal said those drops efficient. One can deny. Deny. What more positive if it can cover the sun with a sieve. Or as they say where I come from – carrying water in basket. Said common and repeated – but with the strength that only have complaints.

There is rooted to the center of emotion – the structure.

But how wise warn the French philosophers – only grasps whatever in soon after. What has been neglected to warn that worse is that this is not so soon after. But so be it – things that Time in all and for all rules with absolute arbitrariness. And nothing about nothing and there may be interference even if it is qualified as wise as the French philosophers. But it as a meal coupon – middle alert is always better than no warning. There is always a tagged price and a calculated value according to hunger.

And hunger always arrives on a tray carried by gently Structure.

Here’s food.

And the price established. One day me comes a calling. The furniture from my grandmother would be possible to come live with me. It was simple. Paying – leads. Haggling – loses. Heritage with a price and time.

There wasn’t the house that was the owner –  or half-owner. But it was from home’s Grandma. A world also mine – but without an inheritance price and undated.

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